• Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)
  • Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)
  • Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)
  • Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)

Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)

The design of disc granulator is convenient for intermittent continuous production, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.
Model: ZL10/ZL15/ZL18      
Motor Power: 0.3-0.5/0.5-0.8/0.6-1.0
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The disc granulator machine is our star fertilizer machine and it is used to produce compound fertilizer. Disc granulator is the most common equipment for organic fertilizer production, and also an indispensable part of the production line. The series machine of the disc granulator adopts a circular arc structure,and the bottom of the disc is reinforced with a plurality of radiant steel plates,which is sturdy and durable,never deformed and runs smoothly.

1. It is the best granulating equipment for sludge, all kinds of feces, wine residue and other difficult-to-ball particles;

2. The multi-segment and multi-angle adjustable disc design makes the particles uniform;

3. Produce pellets with intermittent and independent work;

4. Simple process, saving investment and quick results;

5. Versatile and mature technology, intuitive operation, easier to support and control.
Structure Features:
The disc granulator can be divided into five parts:
1.Frame part: As the whole body's transmission part and rotating part are supported by the frame, the force is large. Therefore our the frame parts of our machine are welded by excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, also our machine have through strict quality certification and specific technical requirements, all have reached the requirements of the application of the machine. 
2.Adjustment part: The most important part of the whole machine is the granulation tray, and the whole center of gravity of the granulation plate is installed on the adjusting part. Our company has adopted the welding of excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed the strict quality certification. All of them have met the requirements of this machine.
3.Transmission part: The transmission part of the whole machine is particularly important, and the whole work is done according to it. The motor and reducer on the transmission regulating rack are all purchased from the ISO/9001 quality system certification free product, and the quality is reliable. The motor drives the pulley, the triangle belt, the reducer and the pinion, and makes the pilling plate work by the big gear on the pelleting plate of the pinion drive. In addition, both the pinion and large gear are applied high-frequency quenching process, so the service life is twice the original.The entire granulation disk is fixed on the active shaft of the adjustment plate, the connection part of the stigma adopts taper fit, so the design is more reasonable.
4.Granulation plate part: The granulation disc angle of the machine is designed with a whole arc, the grain yield can reach more than 92%, At the bottom of the granulation disk, we use a number of radiation steel plate to strengthen, so our machine will be durable and never deformation.
5.Automatic feeding part: This part is installed on the top of the granulation plate, which is made of a lower frame with automatic cleaning plate to clear the material on the wall in the process of production, greatly improving the service life of the machine and saving the labor force.
Model Inner diameter(mm) Side height(mm) Volume(m³) Rotation speed (r/min) Motor power(kW) Capacity(t/h) Decele rators model
ZL08 800 200 0.25 25 1.5 0.1-0.2 XW5-59
ZL10 1000 220 0.4 21 2.2 0.3-0.5 ZQ250-48
ZL15 1500 300 1.1 17 5.5 0.5-0.8 ZQ250-48
ZL25 2500 500 2.5 13.6 7.5 1.0-1.5 ZQ250-48
ZL28 2800 550 3.7 13.6 11 1.0-2.5 ZQ400-23
ZL30 3000 550 4.2 11 11 2.0-3.0 ZQ400-48
ZL32 3200 600 4.8 10 11 2.0-3.5 ZQ350-23
ZL36 3600 600 6.1 10 15 3.0-5.0 ZQ350-23
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